Sunday, 26 December 2010

Ume blossom print

When I start making bags and pouches back dated in 2005, I focused on Japanese theme, i.e. using traditional Japanese floral patterned fabrics. My first sale on etsy was a canvas mini tote with drawstring closure. I picked KOKKA's ume (plum)  blossom in natural fabric as an accent. Of course the fabric is no longer available now but I think this is one of the best fabric from KOKKA past years. It's called 'dobby cotton' which has slight texture on surface and was available  5 colours (natural, red, navy, brown and pink).
Here is the first item sold on etsy:

My photo shooting & editing skill was embarrassingly primitive when I  look back past product photos but I remember clearly I was so happy to find out the first sale on etsy shop.

KOKKA produced another version of ume blossom fabric in 2007 (not sure exact year though..) and now discontinued this range as well. It was lovely pattern and especially nice in red and natural, however, I still think the first version of ume pattern is much better.

I made travel pass cases in the first ume fabric with a remaining small piece sold on etsy shop. I might be able to make 3 cases .$16 limited availability.
 I managed to purchase a yard of the second version of ume fabric recently from Taiwan and will continue to produce small pouches next year.

 Small quantity of orange version is also in stock

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