Saturday, 25 December 2010

70s retro inspired floral fabric in stock

I LOVE 70s inspired retro floral prints and tend to purchase them repeatedly.  This mustard colour based groovy retro floral print is recent purchase and I think it looks almost 70s vintage. I am planning to make some items for my shop, however, I  might make something for my house like table cloth and cushion covers because I LOVE the pattern a lot!

made the first item using this fabric:
pleated wristlet $30
They are discontinued fabrics and  described as 'Scandinavian inspired print'. It's a shame they are no longer available because I love the pattern and colours.

pink version of pleated wristlet is still available at etsy shop $30

This is real vintage fabric I purchased a few years ago. It's a part of curtain estimate dated on 70s.
Pleated wristlet $30
Travel pass case $16

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  1. Oh my gosh! I just love the Passport case (double zipper pouch) in vintage label print blue shade! Next time I travel I am ordering it!